Heroines of the Sexual GothicHeroines of the Sexual Gothic

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    Heroines of the Sexual Gothic

    Join bestselling author Susan Swan and the Billie Hollies for a performance you’ll never forget.  Swan can’t tell you where she gets her ideas but she can tell you where her characters come from. They’re part of her theme of sexual Gothic. A decaying castle is the theme of the traditional Gothic. In Sexual Gothic, […]

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    Susan Swan

    Journalist, feminist, novelist, activist, teacher, Susan Swan’s impact on the Canadian literary and political scene has been far-reaching. Susan Swan’s critically acclaimed fiction has been published in twenty countries. Her newest novel, The Western Light, shares a heroine with her international bestseller, The Wives of Bath (published by Cormorant Books, September 2012). Swan’s last novel, What […]

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    The Billie Hollies

    “There is a subtle eeriness and dark playfulness about The Billie Hollies vintage, elegant sound. Through lilting, sweet vocals, brooding but whimsical lyrics, and the haunting and eccentric instrumentation, The Billie Hollies craft a delicately sophisticated illusion.” – Tim Mackay